The 8 Best Residential Proxy Providers 2020

$75 Per Month
$2.7 per GB
$5 Per GB
$19 Per Month




$300 Per Month
$1 Per GB
$249.99 Per Month
$5 per Hour
$9.97 Per Month

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SmartProxy is one of the best residential proxies that you can invest in for privacy and anonymity, among other features. This proxy is considered the best in application development and localization, the best for conducting market research and the best in Ad verification.

Although the SmartProxy residential proxy concentrates on the small and medium-sized businesses, its features and geographical coverage is sufficient for more customers. It avails over 40M residential IPs in more than 195 countries, which is quite a big number and geographic coverage.

The residential proxy offers some of the best services according to feedback from the clients they serve. It also provides flexible pricing, rotating sessions, sticky sessions, and random residential IPs.

The ban rates of SmartProxy are very low and allows the clients to use target IPs from certain cities and countries. You also get the benefit of using concurrent connections and threads that are unlimited at any time.


Luminati takes a top spot in this review among the best residential proxies. It is the go-to provider if you need mobile proxies, datacenter proxies, or residential proxies. With over 40 million residential IPs rotating and available in all the countries and cities in the entire world, Luminati outclasses the other residential proxies.

They offer special features such as built-in captcha systems, random header generators, and configurations that have been preset for manipulating the proxies. They also provide proxy servers that are among the best in the world and grant you connections through the API, extensions on chrome, and proxy managers.

Luminati has a wide range of products and payment methods geared towards ensuring that your needs are met. It also provides a set-up process that is both simple and convenient in terms of installation and connection to the servers.

As a client, Luminati offers access to its proxy manager, which is open-source and gives you unlimited concurrent sessions. The open-source proxy manager gives you access to an unlimited number of ports while.

The pool of IPs offered by Luminati comes from actual homeowners hence reducing their chances of being blacklisted or blocked.


Oxylabs offers the users a large variety of proxies providing over 70 million residential IPs from several geolocations and countries worldwide. Their proxies and datacenters are convenient for data extraction on a large scale.

Web scrapers and organizations dealing with large scale collection of web data are some of the primary users of Oxylabs’ services. It also offers services such as SEO monitoring, sales intelligence, ad verification, and many other online activities for the clients.

Oxylabs gives you access to unlimited concurrent sessions while at the same time providing a rotation system for its solid IPs. You can also access services such as real-time proxy crawl services and random IP address proxy.

According to proxy market research, Oxylabs was the first among proxies for SEOs, best proxies for data scrapping, and best proxies in data aggregation.

Storm Proxies

Storm proxies are among the most affordable proxies you can get in the market today. It has 100% legitimate proxies and a 5-minute rotation schedule resulting in extremely low ban rates.

The residential proxy has its performance being highly optimized and offers unlimited bandwidth. It is also among the most user-friendly proxy service provider that is fast and reliable as its services include reverse rotating and dedicated proxies. The storm proxy packages come with three different types of proxies: fresh IP with every HTTP request, 3 minutes and 15 minutes proxies.

The main disadvantage with the Storm Proxies is that it has very few residential IPs of about 40K, all based in the US and Europe. This limitation restricts the users of the proxy who may need a large pool of addresses.


NetNut offers a wide range of proxies across several countries, including France proxies, US proxies, Canada proxies, Germany proxies, UK proxies, and several other countries. This pool of residential proxies gives you the opportunity for geo-targeting at the country level.

NetNut ensures that all the statistics regarding your usage can be tracked and monitored through the API. The benefit of this feature is that it gives you the flexibility of real-time tracking without logging to the dashboard.

It also offers you a free trial period of 7 days while availing load balancing and complementary proxy rotation. It also automatically allows users to throttle usage, especially when you are about to reach your limits.

NetNut also combines the data center proxies’ stability and speed with the anonymity that comes with residential IPs. It offers good performance and speed, 5M residential IPs that are static and in-house infrastructure with customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. is an improved version of Microleaves, which was rebranded. This residential proxy comprises of over 31 million IPs around the world in various countries and cities.

When you subscribe to the services on Shifter, you receive Socks5 residential proxies. It is the best choice for those individuals who are looking for a residential socks proxy.

The IPs don’t easily get blocked or banned. The main reason behind this factor is that all the IP addresses provided in this proxy belong to real people and real homes.

Shifter offers network rotation between different IP addresses and the ports after every 3 to 5 minutes. It also provides HTTP/S and Socks protocols, ensuring that your connections are secure.

It allows you to conduct IP targeting depending on the location, city, and country that you want. The residential proxies that perform the GEO rotation provide you with locations from all over the world. Shifter also offers the users proxy authorization, IP authentication, and username/password authentication. has a total of 3million residential proxies currently serving around 48 different countries. With this residential proxy, you gain unlimited bandwidth access and can have concurrency with up to 100 threads. also offers personal proxies with dedicated IPs used for personal use and shared proxies, which are among the most reliable proxies. They also provide mobile proxies for mobile operators, limited proxies, and data center proxies. supports the majority of the most popular protocols, with all the ports remaining open. The rotating residential proxies have a high update rate of 5 minutes. This feature allows you to get a new IP from the IP pool.


This residential proxy provider offers you elite proxies that are fully anonymous and secure. It also offers high speeds and efficiency in the locations that they serve.

YourPrivateProxy provides safe web surfing by securing your privacy and offering protection for your identity. It offers proxies instrumental in different online activities such as tracking and monitoring the online activities of employees, application development, and social media activities.

YourPrivateProxy gives you access to unlimited bandwidth and network traffic, diverse geolocations covering several cities and countries, and a large number of subnets. Setting up the proxies and going through the configurations are supposed to be technical, YourPrivateProxy makes it smooth and easy.


The above are some of the best residential proxies in the market today. There are several factors for you to consider when you are purchasing a residential proxy. These include speed, ease of use, the price, and how reliable they are during use.

It is important to make a choice that fits your needs and offers the most beneficial services. We hope this list will help you choose the best residential proxies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential proxies are IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to homeowners. Residential proxies are legitimate IP addresses attached to a physical location. The main benefit of residential proxies is their high anonymity level and low block-rate

Think of a residential IP as a connection that is assigned from an ISP to a homeowner. When you move to a new house or apartment and set up internet, your connection is assigned an IP address.
Like any other proxiesresidential proxies route your internet traffic trough an intermediary server. This server changes the IP address of your connection request. Residential proxies are exceptional because they are real mobile and desktop devices which are used as the the intermediaries for your connections.
You can use residential proxies on almost any smart device and software program, including every major browser.